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The price for a translation is generally calculated based on:

- The volume of the target text (the translation) – number of

standard lines in the translation produced. A standard line varies

between 50 and 55 key strokes (text and spaces).

- Level of difficulty of the source text (the text to be translated)

- Legibility of the source text

- File format – for texts which consume more time (e.g. tables,

particularly special file formats or special types of text, e.g.

advertising texts) billing on an hourly basis is an option

- Delivery time – for assignments required within a very short

space of time an extra charge of 25% of the overall price will be


The translation process

- The texts to be translated may be transmitted via email, fax or

by standard mail.

- The translations will be returned via the same channel depending

on client requirements.

The price for the translation of legal documents includes:

- Price for the translation

- Price for creating the layout

- Price for the certification

In most cases the price for translating a legal document is a

package price.

The translation process

- You can send your documents by fax or scanned as an email

attachment and I will send you a quotation.

- For the translation itself I will require a certified copy of your

original documents sent by standard mail.

- Please do not send your original documents as no liability is

assumed should your documents get lost in the mail.

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