Katharina Siebert - Translator Polnisch & Deutsch

Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)Polish (Poland)English (United Kingdom)

Translation is the written transfer from a source language to a

target language or vice versa.

Translation is not just the simple transfer of single words or

sentences but requires taking into account many more aspects,



- Target group for the translation (experts or interested laymen?)


- Purpose of the translation (for information purposes only or to be



- Style of the source text (advertising text or technical texts, e.g.


instructions for use?)


- Consideration of the cultural background

My areas of translation expertise include legal texts, business

correspondence, texts in the field of social insurance and general

insurance, tax, finance, labour law, general correspondence,

marketing and advertising.











Certified translations – are translations for authorities/official

purposes, the correctness and completeness of which is certified

by a translator who has been authorised by the Higher Regional

Courts for the language in question. Correctness and completeness

are confirmed by the certified translator’s signature and round



Types of documents which may require a certified translation

include official documents, certificates, attestations etc.

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