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Interpreting – I would be happy to assume the role of

linguist (language mediator) for the following types of interpreting:

- Consecutive interpreting – the speaker pauses after several

sentences so that the interpreter can carry out the oral transfer

into the target language.

While listening to the speaker, the interpreter takes notes of the

spoken contents to be interpreted by means of a special note-

taking technique and then presents the information in the target


- Community interpreting – means that the interpreter assists


people who need the help of a linguist when dealing with issues

and matters in a foreign language environment.

(e. g. with authorities, at trade fairs or company visits).


- Liaison interpreting, court interpreting – forms of

consecutive interpreting shaped by dialogue. Here, the interpreter

orally transfers short pleas (or parts of a speech) in both working

languages into the respective target language. In this case the

interpreter must be highly fluent in both languages.


- Who are “sworn interpreters”? These are interpreters who,

at his or her own request, have taken a general oath before the

president of the relevant Regional Court so that there is no need to

be accredited for each individual legal or court proceeding.

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